Bottled Water Delivery Service for Home & Business by Heart Water®

A Sustainable Bottled Water Delivery Service

Sourced from rainwater, the purest and most sustainable source of water available on the planet, Heart Water bottles water directly from the clouds without it ever being contaminated by touching the ground. Because we uphold such rigorous standards with obtaining only naturally-sourced rainwater, we ensure that our water will quench your thirst without the toxins or contaminants that you might otherwise drink from other sources of water. Groundwater absorbs harmful pharmaceuticals and trace elements of heavy metals such as lead and arsenic, along with other toxic chemicals. Even purification methods such as reverse osmosis and chemical treatments do not fully remove these alarming elements that often stay residing in the water that you drink. In fact, nearly 64% of bottled water sold in the U.S. is just filtered tap water!

We know that the quality level of water is vital to proper body functioning, affecting the state of one’s health and welfare. Since the human body is made up of 70% water, drinking the most natural sources of water keeps all of these functionings working smoothly and optimally. This is why Heart Water takes extra measures to ensure that you drink what only your body wants and needs, without all the added chemicals or pollutants that stifle your well-being.

A Bottled Water Delivery Service that Protects Your Health

Water is essential to life. In fact, water is the number one source of nutrition for your body. In fact, science clearly states that a human being can live without food for three weeks, however, without water a human can only survive at max three to four days. As such, humans need water to adequately hydrate their physiological systems and to help maintain organ health and healthy blood flow.

While you probably won’t argue the importance that water has on body function, did you know that drinking unsafe water can actually give rise to various kinds of diseases? So not only do you need to ensure you get enough water in your system for proper functioning, you need to make sure that that water is clean and free from toxins and contaminants. Even though drinking bottled water may seem like the best route to ensure clean water, it is imperative that you don’t just pick any bottled water to drink from because, in fact, no two bottled water brands are created equal. Yes, you heard right. Not every bottled water company ensures the level of safety and purity that Heart Water creates for their customers. In fact, most bottled water companies are selling you filtered tap water! That’s why sticking to a bottled water company, like Heart Water, with a rigorous filtration and purification regimen needs to be your top priority when ensuring your body is getting the adequate and healthy hydration it needs to thrive.


Pink Himalayan Bottled Rainwater for Enhanced Well-Being, Delivered.

Pink Himalayan salt is pink in color and is mined near the Himalayas in Pakistan. This type of salt has been touted in the health community as being beneficial for the body because it is loaded with minerals and provides incredible health benefits. In fact, it is claimed that Pink Himalayan salt may contain up to 84 different minerals and trace elements. These minerals, in fact, are the ones that give Himalayan salt its characteristic pink color. Furthermore, the sodium found in salt helps support a variety of body functions. These include: reducing the risk of infection and killing harmful bacteria, helping to contract and relax muscles, preventing low blood pressure, maintaining proper fluid balance and preventing dehydration, enhancing nervous system impulses.

While Pink Himalayan salt contains the sodium necessary to carry out these functions, this type of salt also carries with it numerous other health benefits. Some of these include: regulating blood pressure, improving sleep quality, balancing the body’s PH levels, reducing signs of aging, aiding in hydration, and improving respiratory diseases.

Because of these health claims, Heart Water has a special, unique water line that infuses Pink Himalayan salt with our already pure, sustainable rainwater to produce a health combo effect. Aside from the health benefits, the taste of Pink Himalayan salt enhances the crisp, refreshing taste of the rainwater, making it a delicious and healthy treat for your taste buds and setting Heart Water apart as the best bottled water brand on the planet!

We believe that we can be a part of the solution to the end of suffering and the renewal of hope for children in dire circumstances. Just by purchasing a bottle of Heart Water you, too, are doing your part to ensure a better tomorrow for children that need our help.

At Heart Water, We’re a Bottled Water Delivery Service that Gives Back

Heart Water values giving back to the community and world at large. That is why Heart Water has created the Heart Water Foundation. Through this foundation, Heart Water is committed to being an expression of compassion and hope in a world that is suffering from extreme poverty, disease, and addiction. By giving back 23% of profits from every Heart Water bottle purchased, we are able to allocate funds to provide help to such causes, particularly for children in need.

One such organization that Heart Water endows to help is WhizzKids United, Ghana. WhizzKids uses football as an educational tool to help engage local youth into adapting and facilitating healthy behavior change. WhizzKids also delivers effective HIV prevention, care, treatment, and support to youth worldwide. Furthermore, the Heart Water Foundation has served organizations such as Aceing Autism and “Hope for Kids Mission” in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Heart Water also values pouring out love in unexpectant times, especially when a crisis hits near home. With the coronavirus epidemic, Heart water donated a case of water to heroes on the frontlines fighting the COVID-19 crisis with every case of water sold. Together with the Heart Water Foundation, Heart Water donated to essential workers in need of water. It is our goal that by pouring our heart out to those in need, others will be inspired to do the same, creating a ripple effect of good deeds being poured out across the world.

Eco-Friendly Aluminum Bottled Water Delivery Service

The use of plastic is harming our environment, animals, ocean, and even the human population. However, despite the harmful results of plastic production, the world is currently producing 500 billion plastic water bottles per year with 1 million plastic bottles being sold per minute. However, at Heart Water, we stand firmly against contributing to the plastic epidemic and instead vow to become part of the solution to a better and healthier environment. To do this, we utilize 100% recyclable and reusable aluminum bottles. While plastic takes 400 years to degrade, aluminum bottles can be turned into new bottles in the matter of only 60 days. Furthermore, while 91% of plastic bottles are not recycled, contributing to 8 million tons of plastic being dumped into the ocean every year, 75% of all aluminum gets recycled, offering our planet a chance to recover from the harmful effects that plastic has had on our ecosystem as a whole. By reducing our carbon footprint on the planet, we are in fact reducing the amount of pollutants that are introduced into our system daily. This can have a tremendous impact on your health and well-being in the long-run. By purchasing Heart Water you, too, are helping to make a difference in the health of the environment and, in turn, the health of every organism and being living on the planet, including yourself.

Our Artisan Bottled Water is Captured From Clouds and Purified Naturally

Heart Water has a unique process in which we utilize ultraviolet light technology, ozone oxidation, and a seven-stage purification process, in order to ensure you are drinking the most naturally pure water that is available on the planet. As a water treatment, ultraviolet light technology is one of the most effective ways to disinfect water due to its ability to kill and inactivate any bacteria or viruses residing in the water. As water passes through an ultraviolet light water treatment system, any living organisms in the water that are exposed to the light will die off, leaving a cleaner, more pure water as a result. To take it another step further, ozone oxidation provides an additional, enhanced disinfectant quality to the water, making sure that you are only drinking what nature intended you to drink, without all the added pesticides and pollutants that, unfortunately, often run through other bottled water brands. Furthermore, with a seven-stage purification process, Heart Water ensures to deliver the highest quality water that you can possibly provide for your body, giving your body the sort of clean refreshment it needs and deserves.

Premium Bottled Water Delivery Service To Your Home

At Heart Water, we want you to taste the difference between what pure, clean water tastes like and what a majority of other bottled water companies are offering you. With our 25 point micro-filtration process, we ensure that the water you taste from our end result will leave your body not only feeling refreshed but will also provide your body with the needed chemical-free hydration that revitalizes every cell in your body. In addition, we not only bottle the purest, most sustainable water on the market, but we also encourage a reduced carbon footprint with our reusable aluminum bottles. By capturing rainwater, we are even saving water resources that our world depends on. With our 2-acre collection facility, the world’s largest rainwater harvesting collection site, we can bottle 450,000 16oz bottles from just 1 inch of sustained rainfall. By reducing the amount of environmental resources we use, we are limiting the amount of environmental depletion often caused by other companies without eco-friendly bottling methods. Healing our planet is one of Heart Water’s primary objectives and we take active measures to ensure we are contributing to the health of the environment and society as a whole.

Bottled Water Delivery that Creates a More Connected World #PourYourHeartOut

Heart Water is more than a bottled water company, it’s a business that intends to make an impact on society as a whole. While we may seem to live in a place connected because of the numerous technology and social media platforms we are engaged in, the unfortunate reality is that most of us feel more disconnected from ourselves and others than ever before. It is our hope that by pouring your heart out through true authenticity and vulnerability, a ripple effect will be ignited in others to do the same. This will create the true, real connection that we are all longing for: to be seen, heard, and understood by others. We know that everyone has a purpose and a story to share. Together we can quench the universal thirst for connection and intimacy that we are all longing for and, therefore, creating a more connected world as a result.

In order to bring about societal connection, we have created the Pour Your Heart Out Movement (#PYHO). Through the #PYHO, we want to unite the world at large by giving each unique person the platform to share their own personal life journey with others. This gives everyone a chance to have their voice heard and connect with others that have a similar personal experience. By doing this, we hope to inspire others to step into their more true, authentic self and feel more connected to the world at large. Because of this movement, we are setting the stage to create a domino effect of the authenticity, vulnerability, and empathy we all crave when seeking out connection with others.

Have Delicious Bottled Water Shipped Directly to Your Home or Business

Getting pure, clean bottled water shipped directly to your home or business has never been easier. Just by the click of a button, you can have sustainable rainwater delivered to your doorstep in no time. Furthermore, when you subscribe to having Heart Water delivered every 7, 14, or 30 days, you will save 10% on your order. Additionally, the more bottles you purchase the more profits flow to the Heart Water Foundation, where 23% of profits from every bottle of water purchased will go to help children in need.

We are taking a stand against the Plastic Epidemic that is hurting our environment, animals, ocean and ultimately the human population.