The Best & Purest Alkaline Bottled Water Brand On The Planet – Heart Water®

We capture the purest rainwater before it ever hits the ground creating the best bottled water on the planet that is naturally alkaline.

There are many health claims that promote drinking Alkaline water because it offers many health benefits such as, slowing down the ageing process, regulating pH levels of the body, and preventing various diseases, but what exactly is Alkaline water?

Alkaline water is water that has been ionized, meaning the pH level of the water has been increased to promote more health benefits to the body. The pH level measures how acidic or alkaline a substance is on a scale of 0 to 14. The lower the number, the more acidic it is and the higher the number, the more alkaline it is. It is believed that the more acidic a substance is, the more the body becomes disrupted and doesn’t function as optimally as it should. On the other hand, the more alkaline a substance is, the more it helps to rid the body of excess acidity in the body, allowing the body to heal and repair more favorably. Alkaline water is, therefore, a pH level of 8 or 9 while normal tap water is 7, which is neutral on the scale.

Heart Water knows what your body needs to thrive and wants to provide it with the ability to perform and function at its best. That’s why our water goes through a rigorous purification process to ensure your body is getting the highest quality alkaline water on the market. Just with one sip of Heart Water, you will taste the difference and your body will immediately start to crave the crisp, refreshing taste that only Heart Water has to offer.

The Best Bottled Water Harvesting Process Creating Naturally Alkaline Bottled Water

Unlike many other alkaline bottled water brands, Heart Water has a unique, seven-stage purification process that ensures you are drinking only the purest filtered water that the market has to offer. In order to provide you with the highest quality water available on the planet, we bottle rainwater directly from the clouds without it ever touching the ground. How do we do this, you ask? We do this through our distinct harvesting process, much unlike most bottled water companies on the market today. Through this process, we uphold rigorous standards that shield captured rainwater from contaminants and chemical coagulants. We then clean and condition the rainwater without ever using harmful chemicals. Utilizing our 25 point micro-filtration process ensures ensuring our rainwater not only meets but exceeds state and federal standards. Furthermore, to ensure you are getting only the cleanest water that this planet has to offer, we filtrate and purify our water through ozone oxidation and ultraviolet light technology. The end result: the purest, most refined water on the market.


Why Bottled Alkaline Rainwater is so Good for Your Body

Rainwater is 100% responsibly sourced, meaning that it comes directly from the clouds, never touching the ground. This is vital to the purity of the water because if water touches the ground, there is a high risk of it absorbing harmful chemicals residing in the soil. Think about it: harmful pharmaceuticals, trace elements of heavy metals like lead and arsenic, and many other dangerous elements are residing in soil. Do you want your water absorbing those toxic chemicals? Doubtful. What’s even more alarming is that although bottled water companies claim that they utilize purification techniques to cleanse their water, the unfortunate reality is that even those purification techniques can not completely eliminate the harmful chemicals residing in the water. Therefore, it is essential that besides drinking alkaline water to refresh your body, you ensure that the water you drink is rainwater that never touches the ground to begin with.

While many bottled water companies sell you on their purification process, what you may not realize is that most bottled water is just filtered tap water, polluted spring water, or other contaminated water that is full of chemicals. Heart Water wants you to feel safe with the water you drink and that’s why we take into account the importance of how our water is collected and harvested. Not only do we comply to meet governmental bottled water standards, but we exceed standards to provide you with the cleanest, most pure water on the planet.

Heart Water wants to be a catalyst for positive change in the world and hope that with our efforts, we will see a ripple effect of empathy and compassion for others extending throughout the world. By purchasing a bottle of Heart Water, you, too, are making a difference in a child’s life and can be a part of the movement to end child suffering in the world.

Alkaline Bottled Water Brands with a Purpose

While there may be many alkaline water brands on the market, there are few brands that use their profits to serve their community and the world at large. Heart Water values giving back to those in need and, as such, established the Heart Water Foundation in 2017. With the Heart Water Foundation, 23% of profits from every Heart Water bottle purchase goes to children in need, especially those suffering from extreme poverty, disease, and addiction around the world. Already serving it’s community by supporting organizations such as Whizzkids, Aceing Autism, and “Hope for Kids Mission”, Heart Water founders, Michael and Ylianna Dadashi, work to serve communities and charities that are in alignment with their values. 

Heart Water wants to be a catalyst for positive change in the world and hope that with our efforts, we will see a ripple effect of empathy and compassion for others extending throughout the world. By purchasing a bottle of Heart Water, you, too, are making a difference in a child’s life and can be a part of the movement to end child suffering in the world.

Pink Himalayan Infused Alkaline Bottled Water

Not only does Heart Water bottle the most pure, sustainable alkaline rainwater available on the planet, it also offers water infused with additional health benefits. Introduce: the Pink Himalayan Heart Water collection. Because Pink Himalayan salt is rich in mineral content, containing up to 84 different trace minerals essential to proper functioning of your body, along with numerous other benefits, Heart Water saw Pink Himalayan salt as an opportunity to provide your body with added support for it’s well-being. Being an aid to hydration while helping to improve respiratory diseases, balance the body’s pH levels, reduce signs of aging, and improve sleep quality, Pink Himalayan is one of the most highly praised natural resources on the planet. Besides the addition of beneficial health factors, infusing Pink Himalayan salt to water tastes delicious, too. Try a Pink Himalayan Heart Water today and see for yourself how adding this healing salt to water not only tastes refreshing but makes your taste buds crave more.

The Best Environmental-Friendly Alkaline Bottled Water

Have you ever thought about the importance of the bottle of which you drink out of? Furthermore, while most bottled water is made out of plastic, have you ever wondered what drinking out of this type of bottle can do to your health or the environment? Unfortunately, most people don’t, as plastic is one of the most highly produced products on the market today. With over 1 million plastic bottles being processed per minute around the world and 8 million tons of plastic being dumped into the ocean every year, our planet and, therefore, the state of our health is at risk from this worldwide plastic epidemic. And while many people think of plastic being recyclable, the reality is that 91% of plastic bottles are NOT being recycled. Not only does this raise havoc for our planet, sticking around for ages (taking thousands of years to decay) and threatening wildlife, it also contributes to global warming. Consequently, the pollution created from plastic causes fish and wildlife to come intoxicated with chemicals and, therefore, entering the food chain, threatening human life. 


In order to prevent the pile up of plastic on the planet today, Heart Water feels that it is our duty to do our part in reducing the amount of plastic resources we use. That is why at Heart Water, we have created an alternative, aluminum water bottle as part of the solution to the plastic epidemic. Not only is an aluminum bottle better for our health, it is better for the planet. Aluminum is 100% reusable and recyclable, even having the ability to be turned into new bottles in as little as 60 days, whereas plastic takes 400 years to decompose. By choosing aluminum over plastic you are taking a stand to be a part of helping to save the planet, one bottle at a time.

Shopping for the Best Bottled Alkaline Water Brands on the Market

Shopping for water has never been easier with the ability to purchase it online and have it sent directly to your front door. Choose between our delicious artisan alkaline rainwater 16 ounce to 23.9 ounce aluminum cans for a one-time purchase or a discounted subscribe and save option. Then have the cans sent directly to your residence or business in the matter of days. Furthermore, with each case of Heart Water you purchase, a case of water will be donated to children in need. This means that when you purchase a case of Heart Water, you will not only be helping the planet by helping to end the plastic epidemic but you will help to improve the lives of children around the world suffering from poverty, disease, and addiction. This is hydration with heart.

Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Bottled Water

Alkaline water provides many health benefits to the body and is, therefore, one of the best sources of water to refresh and hydrate your body with. That is why Heart Water has sought out the best purification techniques in the industry in order to provide your body with the health benefits that alkaline water has to offer making Heart Water the best bottled water brand on the planet. Some of the additional health benefits that alkaline water has to offer include:

  1. Alkaline water is ultra-hydrating, even more so than regular water. The water molecules in alkaline water are smaller and more readily absorbed by your cells, helping your body to rehydrate much more quickly and efficiently. This is particularly beneficial for people who require more water on a daily basis, such as those who work out, those that live in a hot climate or those that have manual labor jobs.
  2. Alkaline water has been shown to help boost immunity in the body. By drinking clean, pure alkaline water, the acidity in your body is neutralized, giving you a boost of immunity and better health.
  3. Alkaline water is thought to contain various minerals like magnesium and calcium, both essential in maintaining healthy bones.
  4. Alkaline water is enriched with body-supporting antioxidants, which can help prevent the growth of cell damaging free radicals in the body. Free radicals can speed up the aging process and cause illness.
  5. Alkaline water has been shown to neutralize acidity in the body by lowering excessive acidic content in the stomach and gastrointestinal tract. An abundantly acidic body, brought on by poor diet, stress, and environmental toxins, can cause an array of health issues and compromise your immune system. Alkaline water may even be beneficial for people who suffer from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes.


Because one of Heart Water’s primary objectives is to contribute to the health of its customers, we bottle only the most refined, clean alkaline water available on the planet today. We know that purity matters and, as such, we only offer alkaline water that is gone through a rigorous purification process, ensuring your body is getting health benefits with every sip of water you take.

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ Which brands of bottled water are alkaline?

There are many alkaline bottled water brands on the market, but Heart Water is a 100% sustainable, eco-friendly, and socially impactful alkaline water.

✅ Can you drink alkaline water everyday?

Your body is meant to live in an alkaline state, as cancer and other forms of disease are known to thrive in an acidic state. Alkaline water is safe and recommended to drink every day with proven health benefits.

✅ Is alkaline water worth buying?

Alkaline water is a safe and beneficial type of water albeit slightly more expensive than traditional bottled water. Our bottled rainwater is naturally alkaline and infused with Pink Himalayan Sea Salt for the perfect mineral content.

✅ What is the healthiest water to drink?

The healthiest water to drink is water that is naturally sourced and stored in non toxic environmentally friendly bottles. Our bottled rainwater never touches the ground, is naturally filtered and infused with the perfect mineral content from Pink Himalayan sea salt.

✅ Is alkaline water good for the kidneys?

Alkaline water is considered safe to drink daily and has been shown to have positive health benefits including boosting the immune system, anti-ageing and other detoxifying properties.

Best Award-Winning Alkaline Water Brands

Because we take great care and pride in how our water is harvested, collected, and purified, you can rest assured knowing that the water you are drinking is the purest water on the planet, without all the toxic chemicals that most other water companies offer you. Not only will you taste the difference when you drink Heart Water, you will understand why Heart Water is a 3x international award winning water, placing top five in international water testing competitions five years in a row. Although we are proud of all we’ve accomplished, we don’t rest without ensuring that every bottle that is produced is providing you with only the cleanest water that you can find. Take a sip of Heart Water today and you will understand what a difference it makes to drink water from a company that cares about your body, your health, and your well-being.

We are taking a stand against the Plastic Epidemic that is hurting our environment, animals, ocean and ultimately the human population.