What’s the Best Water to Drink? How to Find the Best Water for Your Body

Although we all know that water is essential for survival, many people are confused as to what the best water to drink is. Furthermore, as there are continually more and more water companies making their way into the market, the choices can seem limitless and a bit overwhelming for most people. As such, you may find yourself wondering for the first time what each type of water is and what water will best serve your body’s needs. Therefore, in order to best discern which water will best quench your thirst while providing your body the purest and cleanest nutrition, you will need to need the differences between each water type and where to find the best water on the planet. 

What’s the Best Water to Drink?

As there are many water options available on the market today, it is essential that you understand what each water type is in order to make the best decision for your body moving forward. Some of the most common bottled water types on the market include: distilled water, spring water, purified water, artesian water, and rainwater. The major differences between each type of bottled water include: 

Distilled water: This type of water has been purified to the level that all of its minerals and salt have been removed. Although this form of water is “pure” as it doesn’t have any, or at least very low, contamination levels it is also not typically recommended for drinking as it can cause mineral deficiencies in the consumer. As such, drinking this type of water may cause sodium, potassium, chloride, and magnesium loss. 

Spring Water: Spring water comes from an underground source and, as such, can oftentimes contain many of the same impurities that well or tap water contain. Unfortunately, no purification method can entirely remove these impurities and, therefore, may still contain nitrates and metals even after a disinfectant process has taken place.

Purified Water: To put it simply, purified water is water that has gone through a purification process that removes bacteria, chemicals and impurities in the water. Just like the previously mentioned types of water, purified water can come from the ground, which means that no level of purification methods are sufficient enough to remove all impurities from the water. This is due to the fact that groundwater most readily absorbs any contaminants, heavy metals, and other toxins that the ground also absorbs. 

Artesian Water: The name of this type of water may imply something more sophisticated and fancy, however, artesian water is really no different than any other type of groundwater except that it flows to the surface as pressure from the rocks underground force it upward. As such, this type of water, as with the other waters just mentioned, cannot be fully purified with any purification techniques. 

Rainwater: If you have lost all hope in there being a clean, pure water to drink from don’t leave this article before reading about rainwater. Rainwater is unlike the rest as it comes from a natural source void of groundwater contamination. Rainwater is sourced from the clouds and never touches the ground. This makes this type of water the purest water available on the planet. If you are looking for the healthiest water to quench your thirst, this needs to be your first option. 

What’s The Best Company of Water to Drink From?

Now that you understand what different types of drinking water may provide your body with, you may wonder how to narrow your search on which bottled water company provides the purest and cleanest water to drink from. 

As a clear winner in purity standards, rainwater tops the rest. However, which rainwater company offers the best rainwater on the market? Although rainwater is, in fact, the purest form of water you can drink on the planet it is essential to your well-being that you drink water from a company that removes any contaminants that the water may pick up on its journey down to earth (aka-air pollution, etc.) To figure that out, you need to know how the rainwater company harvests and purifies their water. Some of the best rainwater purification techniques include: 

  • High standard capturing techniques: The best rainwater companies will go above and beyond to ensure that only the purest rainwater is collected. Furthermore, these high standard companies will monitor the water for optimal clarity and pH levels. 
  • Shielding the water from contaminants: Bottled water companies that safeguard their water against contaminants and chemical coagulants will guarantee you are drinking some of the purest water on the planet. Through this process, a top-level rainwater harvesting company will collect rainwater in capturing tanks that circulate the water, thus preventing impurities from staying in the water along with promoting natural sedimentation. 
  • Clarifying water without harmful chemical disinfectants: Many water companies use chemicals to treat their water. While this may kill the bacteria, the truth is that you still end up consuming chemicals as a result. On the other hand, a rainwater company that utilizes state-of-the-art purification techniques, such as ozone disinfectant, instead of harmful chemicals can ensure your water is being treated and purified at the highest level. Ozone, in fact, is the best and most natural way to treat water, however, because of its cost, most water companies settle for a more traditional approach that doesn’t appropriately and effectively decontaminant their water. Choose a rainwater company that will go above and beyond and offer you water that has been treated with ozone. 

  • Ensuring their water meets and exceeds state and federal standards: While most water companies settle for the bare minimum with purification standards, find a company that wants to do better than what regulatory standards lay out as a baseline for safe public consumption. 

Although knowing the top-level purification standards can be helpful on your journey to finding the best and cleanest water to drink, you may feel at a loss as to which rainwater company utilizes these techniques. One way of finding out how a water company treats their water is to look at their website and see how they purify their water. If they don’t mention how they go about disinfecting their water it is best to stay away. You need to drink water from a company that is open and honest about their purification process. 

Fortunately enough, the search for finding the perfect water doesn’t have to be hard. There is only one rainwater company out there that utilizes all of the above harvesting methods and more. Packaged in reusable aluminum cans that protect the environment and your health, this alkaline rainwater is the purest water on the planet. Try one today and you will never look at water the same again.