Rainwater Harvesting Methods and the Best Rainwater to Drink

Not only is rainwater the purest form of water you can drink, harvesting rainwater is one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly methods available. Because rainwater never touches the ground, it never gets contaminated with the toxins that the soil carries. What many people don’t realize is that groundwater is extremely susceptible to harmful contaminants because the ground literally absorbs all the byproducts of landfill waste, sewage runoff, and heavy metals (that can even be naturally occurring in the earth but extremely toxic to the human body when consumed). The unfortunate reality is that despite even the most advanced technology, purification methods to cleanse groundwater will always fall short and leave some harmful chemical residues in the water. This, in turn, ends up in the human body and over a long duration of time, can cause some serious health ailments in the drinker. Furthermore, because groundwater has more contaminants to process through, harvesting groundwater takes a lot more energy and can require the usage of other harmful chemicals in order to kill off the bacteria in the process. As such, utilizing what nature intended us to drink, rainwater, is the best option.

However, despite now knowing that rainwater is the cleanest version of water to drink, you may wonder how exactly it gets harvested and if you can harvest this type of drinking water yourself. While there are many techniques in which this water can be harvested, it is important to note that only a few techniques are truly the most effective at ensuring your water is the purest and healthiest to drink. 

Rainwater Harvesting Methods

As just mentioned, there are many ways in which rainwater can be harvested. As such, while many people try to harvest rainwater themselves, it is not the best way to guarantee the water you end up drinking is the most pure version of itself. And while rainwater in and of itself is the purest form of water that you can drink, it deems necessary to mention that the world we live in has pollutants lingering at every corner. Therefore, having your rainwater harvested with the most advanced purification techniques is crucial to the well-being of not only the water but also the well-being of you, the consumer. Some of the best rainwater harvesting methods include:

  • Appropriately catching the rainwater: Capturing the rainwater through gravity based collection methods is the best way to ensure your rainwater is being collected directly from the sky without ever touching the ground with its harmful contaminants. 
  • Protecting the captured rainwater: With this technique, rainwater is shielded from contaminants and chemical coagulants that oftentimes can get in water. The capture tank can then circulate the water, which prevents impurities from staying in the water.
  • Clarifying and conditioning the rainwater: Just like the other methods, this part of the harvest process is meant to ensure that the rainwater maintains its integrity but is also stripped from any pollutants that it may have come in contact with while journeying down to the earth. One of the best practices in this harvesting step is to ensure the rainwater you drink is conditioned without the use of harmful chemical disinfectants, which more often than not is utilized by major water brand companies to clean their water. Instead, drinking water that is clarified with Ozone will guarantee the water you drink is the cleanest and purest form of water on the planet.

  • Preparing the rainwater for inspection: This is the step where the rainwater is run through extra filtration methods to ensure it meets and exceeds state and federal standards for what is acceptable to drink. With this being said, many bottled water companies do the bare minimum to ensure their water meets these standards. Therefore, it is important that you drink water that has been run through a carbon filtration and nano-filtration system that removes all unnecessary extra residue from the water. 

  • Preserving the water: At this stage of the harvesting process, the finished product is then bottled and sent out for consumption.

Why The Type of Rainwater Harvesting Methods Matter to the Quality of Your Water 

While it has been mentioned that rainwater is the purest form of water on the planet, it is important to still drink it from a company that knows what the best purification methods are and how to implement these best practices appropriately and effectively. This is because the planet, unfortunately, is under a lot of stress with heavy pollution and contaminants. Although rainwater avoids most of these contaminants because it is coming directly from the clouds, it still has to travel through air pollution to make its way down to the earth. As such, although it may seem appealing to gather the rainwater and do the harvesting process yourself, it is not recommended as it does not guarantee that the water you end up drinking is, in fact, the purest form of water you can drink. Furthermore, even if you decide to drink rainwater from a company that does the purification methods for you, it is important to note that no two companies purify their water the same. Therefore, you will want to look for a company that utilizes the above harvesting methods and then some. One easy way to find this out is to look online and see which companies state their harvesting process on their website. If they don’t tell you how they are harvesting your water chances are, you are probably best off not drinking water from them. 

How to Find the Best Rainwater Company That Has Superb Harvesting Methods

Rainwater not only is an amazing source of hydration and health benefits, it also tastes great. In fact, when most people drink rainwater they tend to gravitate towards rainwater for the long-term. However, because there are so many ways rainwater can be harvested, it may feel a little overwhelming to find the right rainwater company that provides the purest and cleanest version of this water on the market.

Fortunately, the process of finding this perfect water doesn’t have to be overwhelming or stressful. There truly is only one rainwater company on the market today that not only meets and exceeds the best harvesting practices available but takes extra measures to ensure their water is the cleanest and healthiest water on the planet. Drink and see how the industry-leading purification techniques make a difference in the water you drink. Once you take a sip, you will never turn back.