We believe everyone has a story and everyone has a purpose. When you see someone else bearing their truths, you see that you are not alone. Through the #PYHO movement, our mission is to ignite a ripple effect of authenticity and empathy for all people everywhere.

Ana S.
I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder when I was very young and never felt like I belonged or was understood. I didn’t know how to fix the emptiness inside- I desperately wanted to be “normal” and accepted, but I also wanted to stand out. I had a loving and supportive ...
Lamanda M.
Your circumstances do not define who you are as an individual. I come from nothing. Low income communities, 2 recovering drug addict parents, and an abusive home. I’ve never felt like anything I accomplished in life would have any value to others. When I turned 18, I left home and ...
Mark R.
When the very thing that is driving you to contemplate suicide is the only thing that you’re living for then you have reached a hopeless position. This is where heroin and alcohol in combination with my own stubbornness brought me in 2012. I am not unique, nor do I believe ...


Heart Water provides a judgment-free platform where sharing stories of suffering creates dialogue and touches hearts. This focus on authenticity creates connections that have and actual, not virtual, value.


Emboldened by the stories of others, users can feel that Heart Water is a safe haven for sharing personal stories -- a true springboard for corners turned, crisis averted and a reset to the cynicism and skepticism we all face. By mitigating the fear and shame of sharing our true selves, we'll create a groundswell of turnarounds.


Heart Water is bringing back humility. The raw, inspirational platform gives one pause and perspective; a pivot needed to go from darkness to light. Heart Water has a limitless well of humility and facilitates the vulnerability - and hope - of everyone who is recovering or has recovered from something.



Elias Hinojosa

Elias A. Hinojosa is a 22-year-old filmmaker/storyteller from Austin, Texas. He enjoys telling bold stories that take unconventional and surprising directions. As host of the Pour Your Heart Out Podcast, Elias utilizes his craft to help others tell their stories. By interviewing guests and learning about their individual journeys, his worldview expands and he hopes the listeners’ worldview will expand too. His purpose is to tell compelling stories that help weave together the fabric of humanity, uniting people, experiences and communities along the way. Together, let’s erode the stigma around struggle, take pride in our paths, and learn from life’s challenges. Everybody has a story, everybody has a purpose.