Ozone Disinfection: The Most Effective Method for Disinfecting Water

It’s possible that you have heard about the term “ozone”, particularly if you’ve been in any science classes during your educational years or if you’ve heard it tossed around through mainstream news outlets. But if you haven’t heard about it or you need a refresher course, ozone is the layer of gas that occurs both in the Earth’s upper atmosphere (the stratosphere) and lower atmosphere (the troposphere). This type of gas is highly reactive and it is caused both by natural means and as a man-made product. As such, ozone can either be highly beneficial or harmful to the Earth depending on where it is in the atmosphere. Ozone that occurs in the upper atmosphere helps protect the earth from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. Ozone on the ground level, however, is harmful as it is an air pollutant. 

Fortunately enough, the beneficial type of ozone can be used for the greater good. The healthy, more advantageous type of ozone is utilized in many different industries, as it can eliminate mold in a house, treat herniated discs, and prevent a gangrenous leg from being amputated. One of the most common and most useful ways in which ozone treatment can be utilized, however, is through the purification of drinking water as it is the most effective way of destroying harmful bacteria and viruses. 

What is Water Ozone Disinfection and How Does it Work?

Ozone is extremely powerful mainly due to its ability to oxidize material in bacterial membranes, which in turn weakens cell walls and causes the cell to rupture and immediately die. As such, ozone is over 50% more effective than chlorine and is the most powerful oxidizing agent used for water treatment. In order to disinfect water through the use of ozone, either an electric discharge field or ultraviolet radiation is utilized. In addition to these types of methods, ozone can also be created through electrolytic and chemical reactions. Typically speaking, a system that utilizes ozone will encompass dry, clean air passing through a high voltage electric discharge that, in turn, treats small quantities of waste product. However, if large scale ozone treatment needs to be utilized, like in the case of a water bottle company that uses ozone as a purification method, then the UV ozonation may be used. The next step in the ozone disinfection process is that the raw, untreated water is then passed through something called a venturi throat, which then creates a vacuum-like effect that pulls the ozone gas into the water. The result is a much cleaner, purer water than any other chemical disinfectant process can produce. 

Advantages of Using Ozone Disinfection for Water Treatment

There are many ways in which the use of ozone disinfection can benefit the purity and clarity of water. Some of the most common advantages of using ozone for disinfection of water include:

  • Because ozone has much stronger germicidal properties than chlorination, ozone treatment is much more effective at removing bacteria and viruses from water.  Furthermore, ozone works well with a wide pH range and, therefore, can properly disinfect nearly every type of water. 
  • Ozone disinfection treatment does not add chemicals to the water. If you are looking to drink the purest, cleanest water on the planet, look for water that has been treated with natural means like ozone instead of added chemicals that can potentially harm your health in the long-run.
  • Water that has been treated with ozone may benefit one’s health. Some claim that ozone water can assist in alleviating symptoms of gut diseases like Leaky Gut, Croh’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, IBS, IBD, and food sensitivities. Furthermore, drinking ozone water may help aid digestion, increase energy, and reduce inflammation. 

  • Using ozone water can be used for medical purposes. For example, ozone has been utilized for people suffering from dental issues like infections, receding gums, sores, healing surgery wounds, as well as for skin issues like, infections, lavaging of ulcers, surgical wounds, non-healing wounds. 
  • Using ozone is safer for the planet as it doesn’t use chemicals to disinfect the water. This means that no pollutants are created when utilizing ozone and that any wastewater that is produced through ozone treatment is safe to enter waterways. 

The main disadvantage of utilizing ozone for water treatment is that it is more costly than any other disinfectant method. Because of this, most water companies stick to more traditional methods that include the use of chemicals for disinfecting their water. However, there are a few companies that go above and beyond to ensure their water is of the purest quality by utilizing these more expensive, effective disinfectant methods. If you find a water company that utilizes ozone to disinfect their water then you know they truly care about the purity of their water as they are more willing to spend the cost to deliver a higher quality product. 

How to Find Water That Has Been Treated with Ozone Disinfection

Because ozone treatment is more expensive than other forms of water disinfection only the most premium water companies that care about your health and the environment utilize this technique. As such, if you want to ensure the water you are drinking is only of the purest quality you will want to make sure that the water you drink is treated through means of ozone disinfection. Because few water companies use ozone disinfection, the search for the perfect water becomes much narrower. Furthermore, as many bottled water companies collect low-grade water for packaging, like groundwater which is susceptible to high levels of contaminants, your options become much more limited.

However, you do not need to despair because there is a water company out there that not only utilizes top purification methods like ozone treatment but also collects the purest form of water on the planet for their drinking water, rainwater. Furthermore, this water is highly alkaline and, as such, is much healthier for your body than any other bottled water on the market today. 

Grab the purest, cleanest water on the planet today and not only will your body thank you but your taste buds will be grateful you made the switch.