Is Bottled Water Distilled? Choosing the Best Water for Your Body

The bottled water market is saturated with various types of water, so how do you choose? Furthermore, how do you know which type of bottled water will provide your body with the most amount of nutrients? If you’re a health conscious individual, you may even wonder if certain types of bottled water are bad for your health. The unfortunate reality is that there are a lot of bottled water companies out there selling you water that does not serve your body well. In fact, some of the bottled water may actually prove to be more harmful for your health and well-being than beneficial. Therefore, in order to protect your well-being, you will want to know what certain types of bottled water are, in particular one of the most popular kinds of water, distilled water, and how to choose bottled water that most optimally benefits your body in the future. 

What is Distilled Bottled Water? Is it Safe?

Some of the different types of water you can drink from include: plain tap water, spring water, distilled water, well water, and rainwater. For the sake of this article, we are going to focus on distilled water particularly, especially because it is one of the most common types of water sold on the market today.

Distilled water is processed through the process of distillation, as the name implies. Basically, companies produce distilled water by boiling water and then condensing the collected steam back into a liquid. This process is meant to remove any impurities and minerals from the water, with the end goal of producing a more purified, cleaner water. However, is it really better for your body? Many claim that distilled water can leach minerals from your body and put your body at a health risk. While this may not be entirely true, the reality is that distilled water is definitely not the cleanest version of water you can buy. Because distilled water doesn’t contain its own minerals, it does have the tendency to pull minerals from whatever it touches to maintain a balance. Therefore, when you drink distilled water, small amounts of minerals may be pulled from your water, including from your teeth. While drinking this type of water may not cause serious health complications, it can cause adverse health effects, such as a decrease in the body’s metabolic function and an increase in urine output that could cause an electrolyte imbalance. 

What is a Healthier Alternative to Distilled Bottled Water 

There are alternative types of water that are healthier and more beneficial to your body. In fact, there is one type that reigns above all others because of its purity and taste. This type of water is rainwater. Rainwater is different from all the rest because it is sourced directly from the clouds, meaning it never touches the ground. Why is this important? To answer this question you will need to know more about how groundwater is collected and the risks associated with drinking water sourced through this method.

Groundwater carries a myriad of health risks with it. Because the ground absorbs harmful pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, toxic chemicals, including trace elements of lead, arsenic, water collected from the ground is at a high risk of absorbing these contaminants, as well. This is even true if groundwater is run through various high level purification methods. No purification method is, in fact, strong enough to kill all of the toxins from groundwater. Rainwater, on the other hand, never touches the ground, so it does not run the risk of absorbing harmful chemicals. As such, rainwater is touted as one of the purest sources of water available on the planet. Furthermore, unlike most bottled water on the market today, rainwater is the most sustainable source of water on earth because it is infinitely renewable. This means that bottling rainwater does not deplete the environment of valuable water sources. All in all, if you are looking for the healthiest alternative to distilled water, look for bottled rainwater to supply all your hydration needs.

Skip Distilled Bottled Water: What is the Healthiest Water on the Planet?

As previously mentioned, rainwater is by far the healthiest, cleanest source of water on the planet. However, it is important to note that not every bottled rainwater company will run their water through the same purification techniques. Therefore, although rainwater is the purest form of water you can find anywhere in the world, it is still vitally important that you drink water from a company that takes filtration and purification to the next level. This will ensure you are, in fact, getting the purest, healthiest bottled water you can find. Companies that utilize cutting edge technology to purify their water are the ones that will not only deliver the cleanest water you can drink but also water that satisfies your thirst and tastes delicious. 

There are few companies that go above and beyond exceeding federal regulations for water purification, however, there is one on the market today that has taken the liberty to surpass all regulatory standards. By utilizing a unique process to purify their rainwater, Heart Water not only bottles delicious water but also the cleanest, purest form of water available on the planet today. Through the use of ultraviolet light technology, seven-stage purification, and ozone oxidation, you can rest assured knowing that the water you drink from Heart Water will deliver your body with the purity and cleanliness that your body needs to thrive. Furthermore, while most bottled water companies skimp on their packaging, often putting their water in plastic bottles that not only harm the environment but have scientifically been proven to harm your health, Heart Water uses aluminum can packaging that helps save the planet and your body. Therefore, when purchasing bottled water it is not only essential that you find out what type of water it is and how it was purified but also look to see what it is packaged in. Taking all of these factors into account, you will be able to make an informed decision on what water will best serve your body’s needs. 

Try Heart Water today and taste the difference that industry-leading purification methods make. Your body will thank you for drinking water that not only tastes great but also delivers clean, healthy water to every cell and organ in your body.