What is a Green Environment? Tips on How to Go Green

Most of us know by now that the earth is in need of a serious intervention for the longevity of its survival. However, how many of us are taking proactive measures to ensure our earth is on the path to health and vitality? 

Unfortunately, the earth is getting sicker and sicker everyday due to human-made choices that harm the environment. As such, it is vital that humanity ban together to learn and implement a better course of action so that not only the planet’s health can thrive but humanity, as a whole, will be given the opportunity to thrive on this planet for the long-term, as well.  

What is a Green Environment?

In simplest terms, a green environment relates to the conservation and preservation of the environment, as well as, the health of the environment. Basically, those “Go Green” signs you have probably seen at some point in your life are a way of bringing awareness around the betterment of the environment and making it a healthier place to live. Because the health of the environment is essential to the health of humankind, it is vital that we learn ways to make the environment “greener” so that humans can survive on the planet for the long-run.

Think of it this way: humans depend on the environment for everything, from the air we breathe to the water we drink and the food we eat. Without protecting these precious resources, our health is apt to decline and thus the human species, as a whole, has a diminished chance of surviving on the planet. This is especially true for future generations if the planet continues to get sicker at the rate it has been for the last few decades. A green environment, therefore, protects our children and grandchildren from experiencing the harmful effects that air and water pollution can have on their health and well-being. In fact, a polluted earth can cause a myriad of health concerns, including:

  • An increased risk of developing respiratory diseases or asthma
  • A higher risk of damaging the immune system, endocrine system and reproductive systems
  • A higher rate of heart related problems 
  • An increased chance of contracting diseases such as amoebiasis, typhoid, and hookworm from drinking polluted water
  • A higher risk of drinking heavy metals, lead, pesticides, and hydrocarbons from polluted water which can cause hormonal and reproductive problems, along with damage to the nervous system, liver, and kidney. Being exposed to polluted water has also been linked to various types of cancer, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and death. 

Tips on How to Make a Green Environment

Despite few being able to argue that establishing a green environment is the way to go, most people either don’t know how to better the environment or because they don’t see the direct impact it has on their lives, don’t care. This is extremely unfortunate because each choice one makes will either promote health and well-being for the environment or cause further harm. In order to combat negligence towards our planet it is, therefore, essential that we all ban together to bring the environment into equilibrium and wellness. Some ways in which we can help to make the environment greener include:

  • Making small but impactful choices: Going green doesn’t need to be stressful. Instead, take small steps to ensure you are reducing your carbon footprint on the earth. This means, try to opt for more reusable containers for your food or drinks instead of choosing disposable utensils or cups that will end up in a landfill. One way to do this is to use reusable aluminum water bottles instead of plastic ones, as aluminum bottles easily decompose and are much, much more likely to be recycled. In fact, about 91% of aluminum is recycled while only about 8% of plastic is. Making this small switch can, therefore, do wonders for the planet. 
  • Making more informed choices: Think before you buy. If you can, try to purchase as many organic foods as possible. Not only is it better for your health but it also helps our environment. Conventional items use pesticides, which are particularly harmful for the land. Furthermore, pesticides runoff into waterways which cause water pollution that no amount of filtration system can get rid of. This means that not only will freshwater supply suffer, your health can suffer as a result of drinking water from these resources or eating fish that consumed toxic heavy metals.
  • Getting outdoors more often: Yes, you’ve heard by now that biking instead of driving is better for the health of the planet, but have you actually tried to implement greener strategies such as this one? Or, if you are in a city where biking isn’t realistic, have you tried commuting with someone else or tried taking a public transportation system? Even if it’s only once a week that you can share a ride with someone, you are still taking strides to help the betterment of the environment. Anything you can do to cut down on air pollution will greatly benefit the planet. 
  • Volunteering or donating: There are so many volunteer opportunities in which you can partake in that would contribute to the health of the environment. Helping to pick up trash with other volunteers or becoming an active campaigner for the health of the environment are great ways promote a greener world. Donating to a greener cause is also a great way to bring awareness to the world and, thus, a change for a better. Remember, however, that being environmentally conscious is not reserved for people out there on the line of activist duty, it is meant to be done by everyone.

Best Products to Promote a Green Environment

As mentioned earlier, a great way to reduce pollution and, thus, promote a greener environment is to make the switch from drinking water from plastic bottles to aluminum bottles instead. Plastic is one of the biggest offenders to the health of the planet because it primarily ends up in landfills and freshwater sources, thus causing air and water pollution. Aluminum bottles, on the other hand, are easily reusable and recyclable. Therefore, instead of contributing to the problem, aluminum aids in the solution. 

Make the switch from plastic water bottles to alkaline rainwater aluminum bottles and feel good about your contribution to not only your own health but also the planet’s well-being today.