What Does It Mean to Be “Eco” Conscious? Ways You Can Best Protect the Health of the Environment

The Earth has a natural cycle of heating and cooling, but what happens when that is altered? After thousands of years of humanity, we are now seeing the impact that fossil fuels and pollution have made on our planet.

While the state of the Earth isn’t the fault of one person alone, we can all work together to reverse some of the damage that has been done and slow down, and ideally prevent further issues. Businesses, individuals, and governments are all taking steps in order to clean up our planet and better it for future generations.

One of the easiest and most impactful things your average person can do to help reduce their waste, especially plastics. Choosing reusable items rather than disposables that turn into litter is a simple fix that takes minimal work. Disposable plastic water bottles, straws, bags, and more all end up in landfills and the natural habitats that our planet’s wildlife relies on to survive.

What Does It Mean to Be “Eco” Conscious?

With all of the terminology floating around regarding wanting to improve our environment, it can be hard to keep things straight. In short, being environmentally conscious (or in other words, “eco” conscious) means that you are aware of the state of the environment, worried about it, and want to do something to help protect it. This can be at either a personal, community or business level.

Conscious is a lifestyle word that refers to being aware of the state of the world and actively doing something to improve things. Conscious consumers, generally purchase products thoughtfully and intentionally – they choose products from sustainable and ethical companies, they’re also more likely to purchase local and organic foods.

Being environmentally conscious means you try to avoid using products or materials that contribute to environmental damage or danger to wildlife. Many of the plastics that are used today end up in landfills, where they are sequestered to rot for 1000 years until the petrochemicals break down. Others are simply dumped into the oceans, at the staggering rate of 8 million tons per year. Some developing nations even dump plastic waste into incinerators, which not only releases toxic and poisonous chemicals into our air but can also be extremely hazardous to those people who inhale those fumes nearby. This causes a number of various cancers, as well as birth defects and reproductive harm.

Environmentally conscious companies will make a concerted effort not to use plastics in their manufacturing processes. Particularly in the food and drink markets, where plastics are the go-to material for disposable convenience. Companies with an eye to our planet’s future will not put the health of the environment in jeopardy for the sake of lower prices or higher profits. 

Benefits of Becoming More Environmentally/Eco Conscious

When it comes to how we treat the world, it’s important that we do so respectfully. Not all damage is reversible, so being mindful of future actions can help reduce problems for our kids, grandkids, and beyond.

There are several benefits to being more environmentally conscious:

  • Save Money – Reusable items are usually more expensive initially but your $10 metal water bottle and home water filter will pay for themselves in a short amount of time. You can also save money by using solar energy and collecting rainwater rather than paying for those utilities.
  • New Customers – If you are running a business and you want to attract people, advertise how eco-friendly you are. Conscious consumers love buying locally and are often more willing to pay a premium price to support a company with similar values to theirs
  • Sustainability – Along with reducing your business’s environmental impact, you are reducing the toll you take on the environment at large. This means your customer base will have to pay less of a premium down the road in terms of climate change and carbon footprint.

How to Be More Eco Conscious

Make changes to lessen how much you rely on natural resources. Collecting rainwater and using solar energy are both great ways to be more eco-friendly and environmentally conscious. This also makes you aware of your overall consumption. Using 50 or more gallons of water during a shower happens really easily, but when you are bathing with collected rainwater, you see how much water you were wasting before.

Take a look at various aspects of your life and decide if there is anything you can do differently. Think about switching to items made out of recycled materials or walk or ride a bike when you run down the road for your favorite muffin. Collect rainwater, utilize natural light more and lightbulbs less, and leave behind the one-use disposable items, especially plastic ones.

Reduce your waste. From choosing items in biodegradable packaging to using reusable items instead of disposables, reducing your waste will shrink the amount of litter you and your family contribute to the planet. In addition to the amount of plastic and packaging you purchase, you can also e how much waste you produce by using alternative reduce

Companies That Are Eco Conscious

Companies that have made a pledge to use sustainable and fully recyclable materials in their packaging are companies that you know you can trust. Bottled water companies that are determined to make a difference refuse to use cheap, dangerous, and environmentally irresponsible plastics to package their water are at the forefront of eco-friendly commerce. Not just with respect to their packaging technology, but also the materials they use.

They understand that producing billions of water bottles each year simply isn’t sustainable, nor is selling more than one million plastic water bottles every minute of every day. They have taken the appropriate steps to ensure that they are able to provide their naturally harvested pure rainwater in 100% recyclable aluminum containers. Water bottles like these are some of the most environmentally conscious options since they can be recycled and back on the shelves with only a 60 day reuse cycle.

As previously stated, one of the best ways to contribute to the overall well-being of the planet is to make the switch from using plastic to using renewable, reusable materials instead. A great way to do this is to switch from drinking water out of plastic water bottles to drinking highly sustainable water in reusable, aluminum bottles instead. Make this switch today and not only feel good about contributing to the health of the environment but also feel good that you are bringing more health and vitality to your body, as well.