How to Find the Best Tasting Bottled Water

What Makes Bottled Water the Best Tasting Water Available 

The best water starts with rain. But one of the keys to keeping that perfect and natural taste is bottling it as close to the source as possible. Once the water hits the water table it can begin to carry contaminants and toxins with it, many of which the municipal water facility cannot effectively remove from the water that ends up at the tap, and some of which they even add. These consist of sterilization agents, fluoridating agents, some residual pharmaceuticals, and so on. 

Even some bottled water is simply treated well-water, municipal water, or spring water from an area that may or may not have perfectly healthy and naturally balanced water. This is often what you get from many brands of bottled water. They are bottled from municipal sources or natural springs on private property, and may not be the purest water available.

One of the factors that will impact the taste of water is going to be the mineral and electrolyte level. But electrolytes also encourage and facilitate healthy bodily operation. Many people forget just how important minerals are to have in their water, and aside from Sodium, most people find that they have extremely low electrolyte levels when tested. Electrolytes are dissolved solids that are naturally present in our water, minerals like:

  • Sodium
    • Sodium is the most well-known electrolyte, and it is the most common since most people get adequate dietary sodium. Sodium helps water move into cells, so it helps you stay hydrated on a cellular level. Low sodium can cause headaches, mood swings, lethargy, and even confusion.
  • Chloride
    • You may have a chloride deficiency if you have been ill lately and have been vomiting, or otherwise losing your stomach contents. Diuretic medications can also cause low chloride or hypochloremia.
  • Potassium
    • Potassium affects how your body stores energy in the form of glycogen. Low potassium can cause abnormal heart rate, cramps, and muscle weakness.
  • Magnesium
    • Low magnesium can cause symptoms that mimic low calcium or low potassium. Levels too low can become life-threatening and can cause cardiac issues.
  • Calcium
    • Calcium isn’t an electrolyte that you will immediately notice a low condition of, but chronically low calcium can cause issues in skin, hair, nails, and even cataracts. Not only can low calcium cause problems, but replacing the calcium too rapidly can also cause illness like vomiting, constipation, nausea, no appetite, and abdominal pain.
  • Phosphorus
    • Low phosphate is known to cause muscular weakness, respiratory issues, cardiac failure, seizures, and even coma. In some cases, it can be brought on by fad dieting, including keto diets, which purposely induce a state of ketoacidosis, as well as alcohol abuse.

As you can see, electrolytes are extremely important to our bodily functions, and many people are already suffering the effects of electrolyte shortage. But in addition to being needed for bodily health, they also add the one thing many waters lack, taste! Those minerals keep you feeling great, but they also keep your water tasting full and delicious.

The best tasting bottled water will have naturally occurring levels of electrolytes and will only process the water to eliminate harmful elements. It is also alkaline since it comes from one of the most natural and sustainable sources on the entire planet, the clouds. Being gathered directly from the life-giving sources that have hydrated our world for billions of years, it is the purest and most delicious water that can be bottled. 

How the Best Tasting Bottled Water Gets Harvested

The best tasting water is born from the clouds and never hits the ground. It is captured directly from the source, providing the most natural and balanced water that the Earth can produce, rain. Once it has been captured, the pure and delicious rainwater is then processed with ultraviolet light, which ensures that there are no biological contaminants in the water.

After that, only the best tasting water undergoes a complex purification and oxidation process that guarantees the result is the purest, most natural, and sustainable drinking water product available on the market today. 

Since it is harvested directly from the atmospheric source, the best tasting water also helps save the planet by cutting carbon during its collection. And rather than taking the water from delicate natural aquifers and springs that may impact the surrounding environment, a large rain collection facility can fill nearly a half million 16oz water bottles from just 1” of sustained rainfall. 

Once it’s harvested, instead of bottling this precious resource in plastic that can leach into the water or affect its taste, the purest cloud-sourced rainwater is bottled in highly recyclable aluminum bottles. This keeps more plastic out of the stores, out of the landfills, and out of the oceans. 

With more than a million plastic bottles per minute being produced, the most responsible and sustainable companies are turning to renewable sources of product packaging, and with roughly 70% of all aluminum ever mined still in use today, aluminum is one of the most socially responsible choices. The result is the most delicious and pure drinking water, in a completely recyclable and refillable bottle.

With so much plastic in the environment now, it seems like it’s in everything. The ocean, the wildlife, the landfills. Sometimes it seems like an easy out for most companies to use plastic packaging, rather than make the tough call and use a recyclable and sustainable material for packaging their goods.

How to Find the Best Tasting Bottled Water 

When you’re looking for the best tasting bottled water, you want to get that water from the main source, where all the best things come from. Nature. When you choose a company that harvests its bottled water directly from the most natural source and then bottles it in an entirely refillable, reusable, and recyclable aluminum bottle, you know you’re getting some of the best water, and some of the best water for you.

If you’re looking for the best bottled water around, look no further. Try the cleanest, healthiest, and tastiest bottled water on the market today.